Deliverable 1.1: Abhold K., Gerdes H., Kiresiewa Z., Davies S. (2019): Sustainability and Participation in the Bioeconomy: A Conceptual Framework for BE-Rural.

Deliverable 2.1: Colmorgen, F., Khawaja, C. (2019): Small-scale technology options for regional bioeconomies. Small-scale technology options for regional bioeconomies.

Deliverable 2.2: Anzaldúa, G., Abhold, K., Araujo, A., Chebotarev, A., Cosnita, D., Diaconescu, T., Dimov, L., Duic, N., Iorgulescu, R., Kiresiewa, Z., Lazdina, D., Makovskis, K., Markovska, M., Mihajloska, E., Mytlewski, A., Pauna, C., Pavlova, I., Rakowski, M., Schock, M., Szulecka, O., Tröltzsch, J., Zelljadt, E. (2019): The macro-environment surrounding BE-Rural’s Open Innovation Platforms.

Deliverable 2.3: Khawaja, C, Colmorgen, F., Rutz, D. (2019): The bioeconomy potential of BE-Rural’s OIP regions.

Deliverable 2.4: Colmorgen, F., Khawaja, C. (2019): Business models for regional bioeconomies.

Deliverable 2.5: Colmorgen, F., Khawaja, C., Rutz, D., (2020): Handbook on regional and local bio-based economies.
>> Also available in Bulgarian, Latvian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian and German.

Deliverable 3.1: Griestop L, Mannhardt B. (2019): Briefing Paper: Concept for a pop-up store with bio-based products and participatory events.

Deliverable 3.2: Joāo, E. (2020): Educational materials on sustainability, circular economy and bioeconomy for schools, colleges and universities.

*NEW >> The deliverable report is also available in Bulgarian and Romanian.

Deliverable 4.1: Davies, S., Kah, S. (2019): Briefing paper: Knowledge exchange and capacity building for the bioeconomy in rural areas.

Deliverable 5.1: Anzaldúa, G., Araujo, A., Tarpey, J., (2020): Briefing paper: Analysing market conditions and designing business models within BE-Rural’s OIPs