Covasna is a county in the central part of Romania, in Transylvania and part of Szeklerland. The total area of ​​Covasna County is 3,705 km2 with a population of 223,449 inhabitants, of which 59% live in rural areas. The capital of Covasna county is Saint George.

Covasna is the land of mineral waters (Valcele, Perla Covasnei, Bodoc, Biborteni, Sugas, Malnas etc). In 1882 and 1887 the Covasna mineral water won the golden medal at the Trieste Mineral Water Exhibition. Carbon dioxide deposits are used in the spa resorts of Covasna county in the treatment of digestive diseases, nutritional diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Covasna is also the county of woods. Located in the Carpathians, more than half of the county’s surface is covered in forest. With the PRO WOOD regional cluster, the region has an own cluster in the wood processing and furniture sector.

Another opportunity lies in the use of wood waste for green energy. Building on existing partnerships and clusters, there is still a large potential to further develop the industry and use regional resources sustainably and more efficiently.

The BE-Rural team will focus on addressing fragmented value chains and how to implement the circular economy concept within the county’s industrial sectors (i.e. wood and furniture, textiles, agro-food, mechanical engineering, green energy). Another focus point: the development of underused biomass, such as plant matter, wood waste and its implication on societal challenges (e.g., rural unemployment or marginalized communities).

National and regional bioeconomy strategies

Romania does not have a national bioeconomy strategy and Covasna has not yet developed a regional bioeconomy strategy.

Bioeconomy potential – Main feedstock in the region

  • Abundance of mineral water
  • Wood
  • Rapeseed, grains
  • Livestock
  • Resource for textiles

Important sectors

  • All primary production sectors (agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture)
  • Livestock farming
  • Machinery and agricultural machinery industry
  • Woodworking and furniture industry, textiles, clothing and knitwear
  • The food industry by processing meat and milk
  • Tourism

Where is it?

Contact Details: Regional BE-Rural Partner

Dr. Carmen Beatrice Pauna
Institute for Economic Forecasting
Academia Romana
Phone number: +40722248866
E-Mail: carmenbpauna@gmail.com

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