Technology options for regional bioeconomies

A new BE-Rural report presents an overview of good practice small-scale technology options to help realize and valorise the potential of regional and local bio-based economies. The described options were identified in close cooperation with the five BE-Rural OIP regions and match their region-specific potentials and feedstock.

A final set of 16 factsheets

In a selection procedure, the pool of different technologies and good practices was reduced to 16. The selected examples demonstrate the wide spectrum of technology options, which have already proven their market maturity or potential. The factsheets include general background information, technological and economic descriptions, the motivation behind the technology, as well as an outline of the environmental and socioeconomic impacts. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of small-scale technology options compared to larger and more complex systems, such as large-scale biorefineries, are discussed.

One example: A sustainable microfibrilated cellulose material

Providing a starting point

The technology options that have been summarised and analysed in this report show the wide range of technology options that are available for the development of regional bioeconomies. The diversity of the considered feedstocks and products hints at the huge potential small-scale technology options have when it comes to facilitating the transition to a regional bioeconomy. This overview can provide a starting point for further investigation in feedstocks, technologies and the involvement of further relevant actors.

You can download the entire report with all 16 factsheets here.