Regional stakeholder processes kicked off in the five regions

Regional Stakeholder Event_06.09.19_Covasna (RO)

Photo: Regional Stakeholder Seminar, 17.12.19, Covasna (RO)

Regional partners from the five Open Innovations Platforms (OIPs) started their stakeholder engagement processes by organising meetings and workshops with specific target groups from their communities. These include, among others, policy-makers, academics, civil society representatives, investors, financial institutions, companies, and other players from across the local bio-based value chains. The series of activities that are currently happening in the OIP regions mainly aim at exchanging knowledge on the theme of a regional bioeconomy strategy, identifying areas for capacity-building among stakeholders, supporting the enhancement of their capacities and encouraging their active participation in maintaining stakeholder working groups set up to develop strategy or roadmap documents for strengthened regional bioeconomies.

End of last year, a number of stakeholder meetings already took place in Covasna, Romania. Several clusters representing different sectors, from forestry to textile and fashion, attended the meetings and were provided, inter alia, with insights into how to move towards a bioeconomic development model in the region of Covasna.

Stakeholder Working Group Meeting_23.01.20_Strumica (MK)

The other four pilot regions got 2020 off to a flying start with similar events and workshops organised in January and February. In spite of the current COVID-19 pandemic, partners from the five focal regions will continue to be very active in engaging with their stakeholders and mobilising synergies between them to boost collaboration for the advancement of local bio-based economies. You can make sure to hear more from the innovation regions in the future while discussions and consultations with regional stakeholders are progressing.

Keep on visiting the BE-Rural website as event reports with more information are being regularly uploaded in English.