Educational resources on bioeconomy available for teachers

Photo: Educational workshop, 09.03.20, University of Strathclyde (UK)

Increasing awareness and understanding of bioeconomy, sustainability and circular economy through education is one of the main objectives of BE-Rural. In this perspective, the project partner, University of Strathclyde, UK, developed, evaluated and tested a series of educational materials that can be used by teachers. The material is available only in English at the moment, but will also be translated into the languages of the five Open Innovation Platform regions: Bulgarian, Romanian, Latvian, Polish and Macedonian. This report includes Powerpoint slides for use by teachers, workshops, quizzes, games, extracurricular activities, and a review of 100 free educational resources that are already accessible online free-of-charge. In the context of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the report also touches upon the online delivery of educational materials, which are available for download hereunder.

Raising awareness of the value of bioeconomy and how it relates to sustainability is fundamental in contributing to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals. As the EU is taking actions towards a sustainable bioeconomy, notably with its strategy aiming at promoting the bioeconomy within ecological limits, the sustainability implications of the bioeconomy is an aspect commonly shared across all the learning materials.

Power Point slides for teacher presentations with notes:

Introduction to the bioeconomy

Bioeconomy and key principles of sustainability

Bioeconomy and SDGs (and respective targets)

Bioeconomy and the Circular Economy

Bioecomomy in the agriculture sector

Bioecomomy in the forestry sector

Bioecomomy in the fisheries sector

Bioecomomy in the sector of essential oils and herbs for cosmetics/pharmaceuticals

Workshops, quizzes and games:

Mentimeter ideas

Workshop and Card Game “Business Match”

Game “Sustainability and SDGs Heatwave”

One set of cards and two games: “BE-Match” & “SDG-Link”

Bioeconomy Word Search Puzzles